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Recover my ongoing project

The Enterco team have extensive expertise and experience in bringing projects ‘back on track’ to deliver successful outcomes.

It’s no secret that many projects fail to achieve the desired state and deliver identified benefits. This can be due to a range of factors from competing priorities, a lack of experienced sponsorship, uninformed or meddling stakeholders, poor planning, to ineffective/inefficient processes and poor business readiness approaches which push out timelines and erode project budget.

As the complexity of projects increases, it is not unusual for things to get off track as priorities change and pressure to deliver quickly builds. Our team can assess your status, develop practical solutions and implement recovery actions to get your programs and projects back in line with the original objectives and plans.

The extensive range of expertise across our team has enabled rapid course correction for small to large-scale projects and programs within many organisations, particularly organisations that have ‘given it a go’ but found themselves amidst competing priorities and time, which is fast running out.

Our Approach

We do this by working in partnership with organisations to carry out the following activities:

  • Reviewing the status of a project experiencing difficulty
  • Where necessary, revisiting and redefining what “success looks like’’
  • Understanding the gaps and why they exist
  • Reviewing structures and processes to recalibrate
  • Amending plans and re-baselining schedules
  • Executing or assisting with the execution of revised plans to deliver the desired outcomes successfully.

By taking a partner-centric approach, we are not just remediating but collaborating with organisations in a way that facilitates skills and knowledge transfer. This, in turn, benefits the organisation in the application of learnings for future programs, projects and operations.

Key Artefacts

What artefacts would typically be generated by our consultants?

Our consultants can work with you to generate artefacts such as:

  • Project Charter
  • Project Management Plan
  • Change Management Plan
  • Stakeholder Management/Assessment and Engagement  Plan
  • Change Impact Assessment 

We can tailor our artefacts to suit your requirements.

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