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Build the right product and build your product right

From business requirements to functional, non-functional and transition requirements, our business analysts can help you define the suite of requirements needed for your initiative's successful delivery.

Are you looking to define requirements for a new product or technology?

Requirements are at the heart of software projects or initiatives. A lack of accurate, correct, and explicit requirements can make or break any initiative. Enterco's Requirements Elicitation and Management service is an effective way to elicit accurate requirements quickly and efficiently using tested and proven methods.

The team of business analysts at Enterco are skilled at requirements elicitation and management activities. They can improve the chances of project success by ensuring that the requirements captured are understood by all key members of your organisation or team.

Our Approach

You can engage the team of business analysts at Enterco to facilitate requirements elicitation sessions targeted at capturing your project's requirements. They can apply trusted and proven techniques, tools, and templates to ensure successful outcomes. We can support you by:

  • Obtaining information from stakeholders using tried and trusted elicitation techniques
  • Identifying practical solutions to business problems
  • Organising requirements elicitation activities, from workshops to surveys
  • Identifying the key stakeholders for your initiative and devising engagement plans
  • Capturing elicitation outcomes.

Key Artefacts

What artefacts would typically be generated following this engagement?

Our business analysts can work with you to generate artefacts such as:

  • Business Requirements Document
  • Functional Specification Document
  • User Stories & Acceptance Criteria

We can tailor our artefacts to suit your requirements.

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