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Enterco’s Engagement Process Overview

With diverse experience across multiple industry sectors, expertise in managing complex initiatives, and delivering results, we provide solutions that address our clients’ most profound challenges and empower them to operate efficiently.

Our engagement process is client-centred and has been designed to accelerate change, deliver strategic outcomes, and increase organisational efficiency while exceeding client expectations.

Through each step of the engagement process, we work with our clients to solve their problems, recommend practical solutions, and support the delivery of their initiatives.

Our engagement process is broken down into the following phases:

Phase 1: Engage

This phase involves engaging prospective clients to understand their unique requirements, drivers and how we can resolve their challenges. We listen to understand what our clients are trying to accomplish and why.

In the engage phase, we aim to:

  • Determine the key objectives our clients are trying to accomplish.
  • Understand the background of our clients’ initiatives and their key drivers.
  • Identify issues that need to be addressed, risks that can be mitigated, and opportunities to be exploited.

Phase 2: Nominate

Our team of consultants then proceed to define the concept that needs to be implemented by drawing on information gleaned, materials provided by the client and relevant market and industry insights with the aim to:

  • Define the scope of work
  • Define the concept or opportunity
  • Define the strategic approach and direction
  • Assist clients in visualising the potential of the recommended solution and assessing the viability of their ideas.
  • Define the key objectives and goals to be fulfilled through the launch or execution of key initiatives

In this phase, our team of consultants also prepare a formal proposal that nominates:

  • Details of the services on offer
  • Recommendations for solving identified problems and exploiting opportunities that have been highlighted
  • Estimated costs and timeline and
  • Any other relevant information necessary for delivering the specified outcomes.

Once agreed, we then move to the next phase - Transform.

Phase 3: Transform

This phase involves working with key client team members to:

  • Develop a workable plan that addresses their business needs
  • Deliver the initiative by engaging in day-to-day activities and providing the resources needed to accomplish pre-defined goals
  • Report on critical activities and milestones accomplished, as needed.

Phase 4: Evaluate

Once the initiative has been successfully delivered, we work with our clients to:

  • Assess the outcomes defined at the beginning of the engagement and determine if they have been achieved.
  • Close the engagement process formally after conducting a review.

Phase 5: Reconnect

Following the engagement, we reach out to our clients within 6-12 months free of charge to:

  • Conduct a lite touch health assessment of the delivered outcomes
  • Assess the adoption of the change and
  • Provide advice and further recommendations

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