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Deliver successful projects

Regardless of what stage of implementation your program or project is in, our team of consultants can work with you from concept, planning through delivery to closure and post-implementation reviews (PIR) to ensure your business outcomes are realised. Our consultants have the skills and experience to tackle complex projects.

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Effective planning, governance and appropriate structuring of programs and projects in the very early stages are critical to successfully achieving the desired outcomes.

We work with organisations, their project teams, and key stakeholders to ensure there’s a common understanding and agreement of what success is. Establishing this at the earliest stage of a project makes for a successful outcome, facilitates effective execution, and enables the realisation of intended benefits.

Our team of project managers at Enterco can provide the resources to support the day-to-day delivery and management of your projects whilst building in-house organisational capability.

A program includes multiple projects that are connected or related in some way. When managed as part of a program, projects can be coordinated and tracked to ensure delivery of outcomes and timeframes that are aligned to meet planned program objectives and benefits. A well-defined governance framework will also ensure your decision-making forums are effective.

We have the expertise to develop key project documentation for you or alongside your teams. Well-presented, detailed, and high-quality deliverables can make a significant difference.

Our Approach

The Enterco team will work hand in hand with your team to develop or refine your project schedule and set you up for future success with our program and project management methods.

Based on our years of experience, our team has found that going through a project sizing exercise with project teams at the beginning of a project to be invaluable, particularly in informing required activities and artefacts.

We work with organisations, project teams, and key stakeholders to ensure a shared understanding and agreement of key outcomes.

Key Artefacts

What artefacts would typically be generated by our consultants?

Our consultants can work with you to generate artefacts such as

  • Project Charter
  • Project Management Plan
  • Change Management Plan
  • Stakeholder Management/Assessment and Engagement  Plan
  • Change Impact Assessment 

We can tailor our deliverables to suit your requirements

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