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Identify and address obstacles to successful project delivery

Our team can provide a range of assessments, working closely with you to highlight your portfolio, PMO, program or projects’ health and maturity.

  • Does your project align with your strategic objectives?
  • Are anticipated benefits achievable?
  • Do you have the right people working on your projects?

Today’s complex and dynamic environment means problems can occur quickly on projects. Without an effective monitoring system in place or an insightful assessment of the current state, problems can quickly escalate and become harder to fix.

Whether you are a newly established or a mature organisation, a health assessment is a great way to see how your project, program or portfolio is performing.

Conducting assessments of projects and programs provides an opportunity to review performance, methods, and planned outcomes to ensure they are being delivered in accordance with stated objectives and success criteria, thereby maximising benefits to the organisation. Health assessments are one of many assurance activities performed to ensure successful project delivery; others include stage gate reviews, governance committees and project controls.

Our insightful and effective process of assessing the ‘health’ of your Enterprise portfolio, PMO, program or projects is a cost and time-effective way of:

  • Understanding the status of initiatives
  • Highlighting areas that would benefit from improvement
  • Identifying risks and opportunities; and
  • Defining associated remediation strategies and opportunities for optimisation.

Our Approach

Though a health assessment can be a reasonably short but intensive exercise, we conduct several activities including but not limited to:

  • Document analysis
  • Workshops / interviews with staff (e.g., Executive / PMO / Project Teams)
  • Assessment of findings against industry benchmarks or the organisation’s desired state
  • Presentation of findings/report

As part of our project management methodology, we recommend a guide for implementing a Project Stage-Gate Process for the early identification of risks and issues at key stages of a project’s life cycle.

We will also schedule a follow-up discussion to discuss the progress of recommendations and assist with any challenges.

Key Artefacts

We will provide a detailed report of our findings and recommendations for improvement covering:

  • Evaluation of your existing capabilities and environment
  • Results from a gap analysis of your current state vs desired future state
  • Recommendations and opportunities for improvement
  • Roadmap to guide implementation of recommendations

We can tailor our artefacts to suit your requirements.

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