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Identify and implement strategies that work

Our vision and strategy alignment service offers businesses focus, action and guidance that can help them grow, claim their share of the market while providing a basis for defining effective operational plans.

Do you need a plan of action to get your business moving in the right direction?

Businesses of today are operating in a volatile, dynamic, and competitive environment. Defining a strategic direction that sets your business up for success is particularly essential in staying ahead of the game. Our business analysts can assist with:

  • Strategy Analysis: Conducting research and analysis into the current operating environment
  • Strategy Design: Interpretation of the current state and developing an approach to tackle both current and anticipated challenges
  • Strategy Implementation: Cascading the business's strategic direction to business units and functions.

Our Approach

The team of business analysts at Enterco have experience with helping organisations define and implement their strategy. Through a holistic process targeted at identifying your business's core direction, we leave no stone unturned. Our approach is centred on working closely with you towards:

  • Analysing the current state
  • Defining the future state
  • Identifying the gaps and risks
  • Developing an operational plan to guide daily activities
  • Defining a strategic direction based on an analysis of your strengths, threats and opportunities

Key Artefacts

What artefacts would typically be generated following this engagement?

Our business analysts can work with you to generate artefacts such as:

  • Strategic Plan
  • Operational Plan
  • Company Profile

We can tailor our artefacts to suit your requirements.

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