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COVID Statement & Insights

In Light Of COVID-19 - We empower our clients by delivering strategic insights and holistic roadmaps that create a pathway for thriving in a post-COVID world.

Insights of 2021 and beyond

COVID-19 has brought a mixed bag of challenges and opportunities, reminding us all that whilst we don’t control the external operating environment, depending on the business, we may control how we adapt to it. Although no amount of ‘business continuity planning’ would have prepared many companies for the year 2020, having a plan that considers the environmental risks, opportunities, and internal capability is key to providing a degree of insight into an otherwise uncertain environment.

In considering the landscape of COVID-19 and beyond, we encourage businesses and leaders to explore questions such as:

  • Is your company future-ready?
  • How does the ‘future’ look?
  • If you ‘pivoted’ in 2020, what lies beyond this?
  • What are your fixed and variable inputs? Can these be altered or maximised?
  • What is your resources utilisation rate? Why does this matter?
  • Are the changes made in your company sustainable in 2021, 2022 or 2025?

At Enterco, we constantly review the landscape and develop methods to future-proof the projects we work on.

To understand the ‘who’ and ‘how’ questions, we have developed a suite of service offerings that provide a toolkit for businesses and one that provides strategic insights and roadmaps in preparation for the future.

For further information on services provided by Enterco, click here.

Is your organisation future-ready? Contact us to discuss more on this.

COVID-19 Support Information

The Government of South Australia COVID-19 website is a crucial source of information relating to COVID-19, including travel updates, current restrictions in South Australia, COVID-19 testing, dedicated SA information line and other general information for communities to help ‘stop the spread’.

SA Health and the SA Business Information Hub also provide further COVID-19 information to the SA community and businesses.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Personal and community wellbeing is an essential part of life. COVID-19 has brought many challenges, especially to businesses and business owners. Beyond Blue has developed a COVID-19 Mental Wellbeing Support Service in addition to other essential services they provide. These resources and support are confidential and provided at no cost to you. We encourage you to look at this information further and share it with others.

SA Health has also established a COVID-19 Mental Health Support Network. Explore this link to find out more.

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