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Deliver the right projects the right way to ensure your business outcomes are achieved.

Through our extensive and unique industry experience in governance, we deliver innovative insights that exceed our clients’ expectations and increase their chances of success. We understand the obstacles most initiatives face and can work with you to make your transformation initiative a success, however large or small.

  • Should your initiative be managed as a project, program or as part of a portfolio?
  • Would you like greater visibility into the performance of your project(s)?
  • Are you looking to identify profitable initiatives, uplift your organisation’s implementation capability or looking to implement your initiatives with consistent success?

Portfolio, Program & Project Governance involves adopting a centralised and holistic approach to the governance of your organisation to ensure an effective and timely realisation of your business objectives or strategic plans via your projects, programs, or portfolios.

Our consultants will work with you and your team to ensure your strategic initiatives are successfully implemented using best practice approaches and unique industry insights. Through a centralised oversight and governance approach, your organisation can be confident that the right projects are being delivered the right way to meet your business objectives.

Services Overview

Our services are suited to:

  • Small and medium-sized businesses looking to implement key initiatives
  • Large organisations with complex transformational initiatives


Project management methods and techniques influence more than one project. They can impact an entire organisation’s portfolio and its ability to meet its goals. Our consultants at Enterco can help define, improve, streamline, and manage your governance processes, thereby enabling you to reap the rewards of selecting and successfully implementing initiatives that deliver strategic benefits to your organisation.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to governance. As part of our process, we aim to identify the practices and methods that align with your unique organisational needs and deliver the solutions required to meet your objectives. By applying our toolkit, techniques, and an innovative combination of our resources, our consultants can assist with:

  • Establishing or uplifting your Portfolio, Program or Project Management Office
  • Extending your organisational capabilities in managing your project, program or portfolio
  • Ensuring your project, program or portfolio implementation is managed in line with your strategic intent.

Our Approach

At Enterco, our team of consultants have deep industry experience across multiple industries and can support your organisation to carry out the following activities while adhering to industry best practices:

  • Assessment, selection, prioritisation, and application of strategic alignment techniques to ensure a greater return on your investments
  • Set up governance frameworks and active governance bodies such as steering committees or project boards, with timely and effective approval processes.

Through our 5-step engagement process, we deliver unbeatable value to our clients consistently.

Key Artefacts

What types of artefacts would typically be generated in an engagement?

Our consultants can work with you to generate artefacts such as:

  • Governance Framework
  • Portfolio, Program & Project Performance Reports
  • Portfolio or Program Master Register
  • Program & Project Management Delivery Methodology (Including guides & templates)
  • Program & Project Control Registers (For risk & scope management)

We can tailor our deliverables to suit your requirements.

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Project Board Design

Design and manage my project, program, or portfolio

PMO Design & Operation

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Business Initiative Selection

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Program & Project Health Assessment

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