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'Commence as you intend to proceed'

Many of us have heard various iterations of this ideal situation, but how often do we take the time to prepare? Establishing your project management methods and framework as part of project initiation is no different. How you approach the project is also just as important as what the project sets out to deliver.

The use of checklists at the end of each significant project stage (within the gate review process) can ensure your projects are set up correctly and keep them on track.

At the end of the project start-up phase, the first stage-gate review is critical to setting up the project for success.

Why add a stage-gate review process to your project management lifecycle?

Stage-gate reviews are a form of quality assurance conducted on projects to ensure they meet their original objectives and remain a viable proposition in line with organisational strategy. They provide a checkpoint for the early identification of risks and issues to ensure timely remediation.

Usually performed by the Project Management Office (PMO) or Project Manager, it is an opportunity to check that organisational standards and practices are being followed, including mandated project management processes. It is important to note that project assurance should include a range of methods and controls as only having a stage-gate process won't be sufficient.

Multiple reviews using different mechanisms throughout the project lifecycle will ensure that all critical success areas are covered, and timely identification of improvement actions occur.

The specifics listed in each checklist should be tailored to an organisation's processes. However, most organisations will include best-practice project management activities at a minimum.

Enterco can work in partnership with your team to ensure project success from start-up to closure and beyond.

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